About Us

About Mississippi Society For Disabilities

MSD has served thousands of Mississippi children and adults living with disabilities since 1959.  We are a 501 (c) 3 statewide non-profit organization and a registered charity with the Mississippi Secretary of State.  To support our unique programs and services, we depend on funding from donations from individuals and corporations, grants from foundations, and proceeds from special fund raising events.

MSD headquarters are located at 500-G East Woodrow Wilson Drive, Jackson, Mississippi.  In addition to our administrative and program offices, The Mississippi Client Assistance Program and the MSD K.I.D.S. Clinic operate from this location.


MSD is governed by a volunteer board of directors.  They bring expertise in business, disability issues, and are invaluable in major fund raising efforts and community relations.  A board member serves a three year term and meets quarterly to review programs, recommend and review budgets, and assess needs and issues.

The executive director, hired by the board, directs the staff, which implements policies and procedures, provides programs and services and develops special events.

MSD Board of Directors

    • Dr. Ken Cleveland, President
    • David Cleland
    • Conrad Ebner
    • Rachael Elmore
    • Loicka Hodges
    • Kim Inzinna
    • Becky Ivison
    • Bill Maxey
    • Lorie McLeod
    • John Nowell
    • Chris Wansley


Johnny McGinn, Director, MS Client Assistance Program

Amy Williams, CCC-SLP Speech/Langage Pathologist

Anne Montagnet, CCC-SLP Speech/Language Pathologist

Joy Wing, CCC-SLP Speech/Language Pathologist

Lisa Crumpler, Administrative Director, Clinic Accountant

Leslie McCarlie , Director of Development