Specific Assistance

The Thomas and Susan Turner Programs

Specific Assistance Program

Technology has enabled many individuals with disabilities to achieve greater independence and self-reliance than ever before.  Wheelchairs that can climb stairs, prosthetic limbs that feel like flesh and respond to nerve impulses are among the personal needs that may be met by this program. The four primary categories of the Specific Assistance funding are:

  • Aids and Appliances
  • Medical Access
  • Camperships
  • Recreational Support

Aids and Appliances provide mobility appliances, home modifications and numerous needs not met by any other agency.   This programs also works with families who must travel to out-of-area specialists by helping with funds for travel and per diem expenses.

Camping is the ideal arena for concentration on challenging physical skills needed in recreational environments.  Shared experiences promote social and emotional growth as friendships are forged for a lifetime.   We provide as many camperships as funding allows for children to attend special needs summer camp.

Participation in sports does not have to end when a person becomes disabled.  With proper equipment and training, disabled athletes enjoy tennis, basketball, racing and horseback riding.  Even dance! MSD has provided quality ballet classes for special needs children at Mississippi Metropolitan Dance Academy of Fondren since 2002 and The Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation has funded The MSD Papillon Dancers, a troop of “differently-able” and local ballet dancers from MMDA and Ballet Magnificat!.  These dancers opened “Medalists and Mississippians”, a benefit performance by past USA IBC gold, silver, and bronze medal winners.  Our USTA sanctioned Tennis Classic features a wheelchair bracket for local and out of state players.